0 + 1
" The digital culture is binary, the Internet Cyberspace is a new state of matter
numbers, but the digital art happens in this third dimension margin or (8) infinite, which I call the Eighth Art "

1 Byte = 8 Bits

from: 0 + 1 E-Evolution retrospective 1973-2003 GMezza MAVI Visual Arts Museum Chili

Gonzalo Mezza Binary Digital Art Chile

Do you postulated the Eighth Art, referred to this concept?
The Eighth art, equivalent to vanguradia multimedia and image scanning in the art, virtually expressed in megabytes and bits.
Refers to work and digital scans, with binary unit 1 byte is 8 bits, that has nothing to do directly with the art cinema - the cinema - but if there is an upgrade.
The art was always my energy, information, today finally released by the digital culture. The internet is the tip of icebar century
(another metaphor for my work with ice, a more liquid state of matter)
where the new work space as possible is cyberspace, communication and human interaction whose center is everywhere .
Here the thought and creation in numerical statements of zeros and ones, can be preserved and realize using the various media that I call "the eighth art."
And the viewer, which is what I really want, you can even participate in the work, the artist being a mediator that connects the cultural transit of the Millennium "

Interview Daniela Valda.
Financial Journal, December 23, 2005. Chile