Cortesia : 2010 Centro Cultural Caixa / Rio Janeiro photo: V.Pellin / Digrapho Production Culturales .


Gonzalo Mezza

He is born / in 1949, Santiago de Chile.
Conceptual , Multimidia Artist , Painter and Photographer

From the beginnings of the decade of 1970 it realizes works linked to the Conceptual Art and Facilities with electronic means,
using video art, photography then the computer, the Internet, digital and net art cyber space.

This Chilean artist for his exploits with technologies electronic, video and photography art multimedia computers, is considered a pioneer of digital art and Net-Art in Latin America for its Cyber Interactive Installations and early use of the Internet, expanding the concept of installation and use of the media image. to the new space and resources Contemporary art occupies today.
According to the Brazilian critic, Arlindo Machado, "Using the most recent and sophisticated technological vanguard brackets to constributed with his work to question the system of arts and geopolitical and multicultural role occupied by the artist in the twenty-first century, where knowledge and information lame the new directions of contemporary visual arts. "
This Chilean artist for his exploits with technologies electronic, video and photography art multimedia computers, is considered his binary concept on The Eighth Art (1 byte = 8 bits) raised in his retrospective "0 +1 E-Evolution" held at the Museum Mavi in 2003 in Chile, reflects on the ways of the media and their transit from analogue to digital as possible on the dematerialization of the visual arts by new connections existing global contemporary culture.

He began his academic training in Chile, and later in Spain, Denmark.

In 1969 he began to study fine arts at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Chile and then in 1970 moved to live and study in Barcelona, Spain, studying in the legendary Catalan EINA Design Scola, pro-Bauhaus.
Meet the artist Spanish Antoni Muntadas, pioneering projects and installations by video-art and conceptual photography.

In 1974 he was invited by the German Jonas Richter worked as art director at the Institute IMAV Audiovisual.
Later in 1977 he moved and lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, and continues to work his explorations with photography and video art.
He returned to Chile in 1979 carrying out various projects and activities conceptual art multimedia installations and video art in our galleries, museums and public spaces. It works in parallel in its study as a professional photographer and in 1982 co-founder of the association photoperiodic de Chile. MNBA in 1994 sets out the National Museum of Fine Arts, the installation "On the border of XXI century" postmodern digital paintings & Transfer, with computers and video art.

In 1995 he lived by the Atelier Libre de Porto Alegre, then living in Brazil where he developed his famous cyber-Systems, also via internet and interactive related works Infoart, representing Chile in the 23 Biennial of Sao Paulo and guest curators to 1 and 5 Mercosul Biennial.

In 2001 he returned to Chile, Brazil and Chile to develop various facilities related to contemporary digital culture,
a retrospective digital works from 1983 -2003 in the MAVI, Visual Arts Museum of Chile.

Since late 1995, his work is being disseminated on the Internet at its website:



In Chile is represented in the Galeria Animal / and Gallery Art-Space.

1949 Born en Santiago , Chile
1967 Temporarily residing in New York, USA.
1970-1979 He lives in Barcelona, Spain.
1977-1978 He lives in Copenhagen, Denmark
1980-1995 He lives in Santiago, Chile
1996-2007 He lives in Porto Alegre, Brazil,
2009 lives and works in Chile



School San Ignacio of Loyola. Santiago de Chile.


Painting, Sculpture. Faculty of Fine arts. University of Chile.


Graphic Design. Eina School of Design. Barcelona - Spain.


IMA. Institute of Audio-visual Means. Barcelona - Spain


Photo, Video-art in Spain, Denmark.

1990 Graficadigital. Escanografica.Chile


Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, United States, Spain, Francia.



Gallery casa de la luna. Paintings, Sculpture Objects. Santiago, Chile.


MNBA Project, Museum of Fine Arts, Thaw Venus 1 - 2 - 3. Santiago-Video Installation. Chile.


Sur Gallery, Santiago, Archival Concept + Digital Zero Point Installation Hiroshima, Santiago. Chile.


Contemporary Art Gallery. Neo - N-1987 Variations Facilities Polaroid. Santiago, Chile.


Art Gallery Nexo. Neo-Installation Chile + Berlin. Santiago, Chile.


Gallery Praxis.1492-1992 Digital Electronic Benefit & Painting, Video. Chile.
MAC. Museum of Contemporary Art. Chile. Installation-Project + Thaw in Seville South Pole. Chile


MNBA, National Museum of Fine Arts. Installing the edge of the XXI century: Digital Paintings & wire transfers postmodern, Gallery Matta, Chile.


MAC. Museum of Contemporary Art. Installation America Asia Pacific Internet way. Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Gallery of the Rivera. I project Virtual Museum. Santiago. Chile
Anibal Pinto Gallery. Installation in progress. Temuco, Chile

XXXIII International Biennial of Sao Paulo. Installation M@R.CO.SUR. Virtual Interactive, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
MAC Museum of Contemporary Art of Valdivia, Installation. Valdivia, Chile.
Foundation Banco Patricios., Installation Virtual Oceans .Tod@ la data. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Art Exchange Gallery. Piture @ s digital-net-art installation, Porto Alegre, Brazil


1 ° Biennial of Visual Arts of the Mercosur, Installation - Put in real{royal} moment of the Plant virtual + Public Market. Porto Alegre, Brasil.


Telefónica Foundation Gallery, CTC, Virtual Project. Santiago de Chile.


MARGS, Museum Art of Rio Grande do Sul.Ado Malagoli . Installation, Cyberpintura,Cybergravuras. Porto Alegre.Brasil
II Biennial Mercosul Visual Arts, Art and Technology Exhibition. Cyber-Port Internet Cyberport - The Usina Gasometer, Porto Alegre, Brasil.


7th Havana Biennial, Cyber Installation www. cuba. cubo. s.i.n.f.r..o.n.t.e.r.a.s. Habana , Cuba.
8th Biennial of Video Art. Museum of Contemporary Art in Recife, Brazil.


Animal-Galeria Tomas Andreu. 0 + 1 = 8 Infinity. Cyber-Installation. Santiago, Chile.

2003 MAVI. Museum of Visual Arts. 0 +1 E-Evolution. Archival Digital Multimedia. Santiago, Chile
MAC. Visual Arts Museum. 0 +1 = DNA information released. 6 Biennial of Video and New Media of Santiago, living under Bonta, Chile

5 Mercosul Biennial, Installation 8 = 8 character set. Designing Interactive net art cellular poa Brazil.
Permanent Mural 5 + 5 = 8 digital space - Ministry of Education, Santiago, Chile.

2010 . CAIXA Cultural Sao Paulo.Brasil,
8=8 InfinitoTheVirtual Mueseum Project CyberInstalacion Net-art Multimedial 1994-2010
CAIXA Cultural Rio de Janeiro..Brasil ,
8=8 InfinitoTheVirtual Mueseum Project.CyberInstalacion Net-art Multimedial 1994-2010
2012 MNBA.Museo Nacional Bellas Artes Chile.8=8 InfinitoTheVirtual Museum Project,
CyberInstalacion Net-art Multimedial 1994-2010

Cortesia : GM / MNBA 2012 Chile / Photo by : J.Carlos Gutierrez



1971 Project Land Art,muntadas -mezza Vacuflex 3 .ICSID .Cala San Miguel, Ibiza , España.
1972 Meltdown Video Installation Project Venus 1 - 2 - 3. MNBA .Fine Arts Museum. Chile.


Instant Film Designers city-World Congress, ICSID. Tokyo - Japan.


Multimedia. Homage to Picasso. Picasso Museum. Barcelona - Spain.

1975 Air-Postal Delivery. Annual Avant Garden Festival. New York - USA.
1976 Information Muertra FIML - Documents. .O n d a r , Film / art / document super 8, Madrid, Spain.


Film Forum. Madrid. Spain.


Video Installation 1977-1979 Andy Warhol Vs Marilyn Monroe. 3 / 4 "color video, 7 min. Denmark, Chile. Cultural Institute of the Condes. Chile.


Installation Video thaw Venus 1 - 2 - 3. Cultural institute of the Counts. Chile.


Southern Cross Video Installation. Allocator VI National Securities National Museum of Fine Arts. Chile.


Installing N - S - E - O of Chile. Art Industry. Gallery Chile National Museum of Fine Arts. Chile.


Videos - First Encounter Video - Arte. Institute Chileno - Francés. Chile.

1982 Advanced Group. Installation .. Chilean Left. Paris Biennale. France
Collective X Antipoems Nicanor Parra. . Epoca Gallery. Chile Installation.
II International Art Biennial. Valparaiso - Chile.


Ecological Setting. National Museum of Natural History. Chile.


Installation. Rongo-Rongo. Plastic Gallery 3 Collective. Chile.


VIVE CHILE, Video Installation. Culture Center. Madrid. Spain.

1988 Polaroid Collection, Fotokina. Cologne - Germany.
Non-Painting. Hill Gallery. Chile.
1989 Installation + No + Cruces Chile Staatliche Kunsthalle Berlin Museum. Berlin-Germany
Installing "The Naked and Goya Majas-Dada" Art-Industry. Museum of Fine Arts. Chile.
Shipping. Museum of Contemporary Art. Caracas - Venezuela
Pictures of Silence. Art Museum of the Americas. Washington - USA
Installation x Manet. Gallery Epoca. Chile.
Installation No + Cruces ... Open Museum. MNBA.
Museum of Fine Arts. Chile. Installation + No Berlin Wall. Goethe Institut. Chile.
Photo - Installation 33x33. Museo of Contemporary Art of Saint John Puerto Rico.
The Latin American House, Paris, France
1991 Contemporary Art From Chile. Americas Society Gallery New York.USA.
Impressionnen Chilenischer Kunstler. Spanisches Kulturinstitut Munchen - Alemania.
Painted Bodies. Sala Matta. MNBA. Museum of Fine Arts. Chile
1992 Contemporary Art. From Chile Massachussetts University Art Gallery. U.S.A.
Installation St. Teresa and El Cristo de Velazquez. Caramel Gallery. Chile

Thawing Installation Project Sevilla + South Pole. Black Chamber. Culture.Santiago Chilean North American Institute, Chile
Installation: Sevilla + Thaw South Pole. MAC. Museum of Modern Art. Chile.
Painted Bodies, Museums in Russia, Brazil, Italy, USA, Cuba.
A Framework for Land: Museum of Contemporary Art Sofia nder, Caracas, Venezuela.

A Framework for Land: MAM.Museo of Modern Art, Bogota, Colombia.
A Framework For Land: Development Center of Visual Arts. La Habana, Cuba.

Arte & Industry, Altarpiece of St. Teresa of the Andes to the edge of Paradise. Cultural institute of Las Condes. Chile
Triennial - Andi American. Catholic University Extension Center. Santiago. Chile
Gallery of Modern Art , Saint Domingo, Dominican Republic.


Laser Multimedia Installation. Palace of La Moneda. PProject Mezza - Nile. Santiago, Chile.
Images Donosianas, Gallery Gabriela Mistral. Santiago, Chile.
A Framework for Land, Museum of Contemporary Art. Santiago, Chile.
Rapa nui installation, xerox, Plastic New gallery, Santiago, Chile.
Palais de Glasse,Today Chile Visual Arts Collective. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Installation. XI International Biennial of Art. Valparaiso. Chile.
Chili , Harn Museum Gainesville Florida Miami, U.S.A.
Museum modern. Ginebra. Belgica.
Art Zofri 1994 Iquique, Chile.
Tarapaca XLVII, 10 painters in Iquique. Friends of Art Gallery. Santiago, Chile.
CyberInstalacion, II Biennial of Video & New Media, Museum of Contemporary Art. Chile
1996 Internet-Project-m@r.co.sur -CyberCafe interactive on-line / Santiago- Sao Paulo . Space-Bar Providence. Chile
Collectione Itinerante Museum MAVI , Gallery 0 . Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesnej, Zamek Ujazdowski Polonia.
I Visual Arts Biennial of Mercosur, and installation M@r.co.sur Bridge II real time, virtual Usina de gasometer + Public Market, Porto Alegre, Brazil
1998 The Biennial IVth Nocom, Installation A + A = E + A. Municipal Museum of Modern Art / MMAM, Mendoza, Argentina
North big Project II, Catholic University Extension Center, Santiago,Chile.
North big II Project, Palace Astoreca, Iquique, Chile.
North Big project the IInd, Art gallery University of Concepcion, Concepción,Chile.
1999 II Visual Arts Biennial of Mercosul, (WWW.2000 Cyber Installation) Exhibition of Art and Cyber-Port technology. The gasometer Usina, Porto Alegre, ,Brasil.
New Plastic Gallery, Nescafe Contest, Santiago Chile.
Shipping. Museum of Modern Art, Juan Astorga Anta , Venezuela.
2000 Cyber-Installation www.c.u.b.a.c.u.b.o.s.i.n.f.r.o.n.t.r.a.s. 7 Havana Biennial, Gallery Center Wifredo Lam .Habana. Cuba.
Contemporary Artists in the Collection Gallery, Iberê Gallery, Cultural Centre The Gasometer plant, Porto Alegre . Brasil
Contemporary Engraving, Free Workshop, the Municipal Board of Culture. Porto Alegre Brasil
Estar.com2000 ,DC Navigators digital work. porto alegre .Brasil
Appearances Contemporary MARGS. Art Museum of Rio Grande. Berta Gallery - Locatelli..Porto Alegre , Brasil
Atelier Livre 40 anos , Centro Cultural Usina do Gasometro .Porto Alegre ,Brasil.
Estar . Architecture e Desing .Space Dc Navegantes .Poa.Brasil

Digital Suite, Installation. CCE Cultural Center of Spain, Santiago. Chile
Heritage Valparaiso. Painters Gallery Costa de Montemar Hippocampus. Con-Con. Chile.
Palapa Projet / Installation. Earthdance. Isla de Maipo.Chile
Exhibition Greenpeace, and Native Forests, MNBA, Museum of Fine Arts. Santiago, Chile.
In trance gallery Great Classroom, Catholic University of Temuco-chile
Central entrance gallery, 28 on October 31, Southern University de Valdivia-Chile

2003 Porto Alegre in Foco, Gallery Art Institute of UFRGS .Brasil
Concept Art, Conceptual Artists Chilean, Friends of Art Gallery, Santiago, Chile.
6ª Biennial of Video and New Media. Bonta framework Guest . Gallery Artist, Museum of Contemporary Art of Santiago.
2004 is Under Construction in the process of being upgraded
2005 "residence in the valley, "visual arts collective MAVI.Museo, Santiago Chile
"Mirabolantes circuit "Art Gravures Garagem contemporaneas.gallery, poa brasil.
2006 8=8 net-art project. The letter and the body. Post V Mercosul Biennial, Cultural center Palace la Moneda CCPLM, santiago. Chile
Digital Installation Chile. spaces and senses. House & cia 2006, Poa Brasil
( 8 = 8 ) j.u.n.t.o.s.p.o.d.e.m.o.s net - art project .Biennial 3000 Sao Paulo Brazil 2006
Video Art, Gaps and Documents..RobertoFarriol ..Video Art Symposium / Archive abietic - Cutural Palace of Moneda. Noviembre .Chile.
Project Installation 00000008 bytes / free information/ U gallery Concepcion, Concepcion Chile Casa Poli your cultural center
20x20 Boy Lisbon / gallery bag of art , porto alegre , Brasil

Imagined cities, collectively. National Archives, Presidency of the Republic. Rio de Janeiro,brasil
The city envisioned by Erico Verissimo, collective. (MARGS) Art Museum of Rio Grande do Sul Ado Malagoli, poa Brasil.
Installation, dvd, Biennial B, Rotta Ely Area, poa brazil.
20x20 Chico Lisboa / Galaria art bag, porto alegre , Brasil
Cartophilias. Brasilia Caxia Cultural Center. brasil

2008 digitalgravuras, Mac Modern Art Museum, Valdivia ,Chile
Installation dvd , Expo Arte ALL Limite, I International Contemporary Art Fair, Civic Center Vitacura, santiago, Chile.
Video Biennale Valparaiso, chile.
South Art Gallery market °13 santiago, Chile.

Subversive Praktiken , Sudamerica-Europa May-agost in Wurttbergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart Alemania
NUCLEOS , MAC Collections four decades. MAC Museum of Contemporary Art, Chile.
1 Triennial of Chile. "SPACE disobedient" - C la Moneda Palace Cultural. Santiago, Chile.

2010 72 NY Gallery . colectiva . Porto Alegre . Brasil
2011 CHILE Años 70 -80 MAC. Museo de arte Contemporaneo Chile
20x20 / galeria bolsa de arte , porto alegre , Brasil
2012 La utopia és possible”ICSID. Eivissa, 1971 . Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona España.



The inflatable Ponsati . Super 8 colour 7 min. Spain.


Vacuflex 3, Land. Art (Mezza - Muntadas). 16 mm. colour 6 min. Spain.


Instant City. Film. 16 mm. coloUr 40 min. Spain.


Body Tracks. A. Muntadas. Super 8 colour 3 min. Spain.


Torax Loop. A. Muntadas. Super 8 colour 3 min. Spain.


Arlequines de Picasso. Super 8 colour 10 min. Spain.


Homage to Picasso. Projection. Multimedia, 9 projectors, colour, 7 min. sound, Barcelona Spain.


1971 The inflatable Ponsati. 7 min. Video-tape black & white, Barcelona Spain.
1972 Action Subsensorial II. Antonio Muntadas. Video-tape sony, black & white 30 min. Barcelona, Spain.
1972 Venus Project De-Ice 1 - 2 - 3.Azul, White, Red. Video-tape b & w, 30 min. Chile.
1974 Local Channel Cadaques. Project Muntadas, Sony 1 / 2 "black & white, 4h. cadaques. Spain.
1975 Performance Charlotte Moorman x Naum Jum Paik 1/2" black & white, 30 min. Madrid, Spain.
1977-1979 Marilyn Monroe Versus Andy Warhol. 3/4" color, 7 min. Dinamarca, Chile.
1977 Neruda + Alberti. Video-tape 1/2", sony black & white 30 min. Barcelona, Spain.
1978 Signs of life, Denmark, video-tape, 1/2 b/n albertslund , Dinamarka
1979 Installation 0 -13 -7- 9 . 3 Monitors 1/2", color, 1 h. Chile. 1979 Isla Negra. 1/2" color, 3 min. Chile.
1979 Leppe versus Duchamp. 3/4" color, 20 min. Chile.
1979 Bienal de São Paulo. 3/4" color, 6 min. Brasil.
1979 Installation Cordillera de los Andes. 3/4" color, 20 min. Chile.
1979 Circus-Electric. 3/4" color, 20 min. Chile.
1980 Installation Southern Cross. 3/4" color, 11 min. Chile.
1980 Thaw Venus 1 - 2 - 3. 3/4" color, 20 min. Chile.
1981 Latitude 00.00 Ground Zero. 3/4", 7 min. Equador.
1981 Vídeo The installation of John Paul II. 1/2" Beta.2h. Chile
1983 The Cross of Hiroshima. 1/2" color, 20 min. Chile.
1983 Landscape Intercontinental. digital Diskete 5, Chile.
1985 The Family H.8, color, 120 min. Chile.
1987 The Virgin of San Cristóbal. 1/2", color , 30 min. Chile.
1990 Chile + Berlin . 1/2", color, 10 min. Chile.
1992 América + Europa = Ásia + África. H.8, 19 min. Chile.
1994 A + A = A + E . H.8, color, 30 min.Chile.
1994 Mezza Museum Virtual, Room Matta, H.8, color, 5 min. Chile.
1997 Visual Arts Biennial of Mercosul. Color, 20 min. vhs, Porto Alegre,RS, Brasil
1998 Projeto CTC Virtual Gallery, color, 8 min. Chile
2001 0 + 1= infinite. video digital color. 3 min. loop . Chile
2002 El Tunel . Recoleta Cultural Centre. Buenos Aires. Videodigital Chile.
2003 www.e-wa r . video. multimedia . 7 min. color Chile.
2003 0+1 = ADN video ,dvd flash . 8 min. color Chile.
2005 8=8 video dvd color Brasil .
2005 5+5=8 Video,dvd 28 min color digital, sonido, Chile
2006 00000008 Bytes ,video -dvd , 3 min 22 seg , color House Poli Chile
2007 Time & Bytes , video , 3,03 min . no sound, poa brazil.











MNBA National Museum of Fine Arts. Santiago - Chile
CCPLM / Documentation Centre Palace la Moneda , Chile
MAVI . Visual Arts Museum. Santa Cruz Collection & Yaconi . Santiago - Chile
MAC. Museum of Contemporary Art. Santiago - Chile
MEAC Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art. Madrid - Spain
Art Museum of the Americas Washington - U.S.A.
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Ministry of Education Chile
ADI / FAD Design Center. Barcelona - Spain.
Aldo Pinacoteca Locattelli. Porto Alegre. Brasil
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International Polaroid Collection. Cambridge - U.S.A.
Collection Chilean Institute - British Culture. Santiago - Chile
MAM Museum of Modern Art. Chiloé.
MAC Museum of Modern Art of Valdivia. Chile.

Collection , Private Argentina , Chile , Brasil , Peru , España, USA .


2003 CITY OF VISUAL ARTS Award 2003. Santiago. Chile
FIRST PRIZE CHART VII National Securities setter. National Museum of Fine Arts. Chile.
1972 Mention ICSID. Film .Instant Cyty.Tokyo - Japón.
1985 First Prize Art. I Hall Fotop . Chile.
1986 First Prize Model. II Hall Fotop . Chile.
1988 First Prize Bodegón. III Hall Fotop . Chile.
1988 First Special Effects Award. lV Hall Fotop. Chile.
1981 Photo Contest First Prize Apumanque Cosmocentro, Chile
1989 Second Prize. Advertising Graphics. Chile.



School of Design. EINA.Barcelona, Spain.


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Internet History


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