The Cyber-space is another state{condition} of the matter, of a new support for
e-nergia creator of the contemporary thought .., the digital and Internet Culture with your possible connections in networks,
it promotes new collective links, being able to tune in, to every human being with your similar ones, without limits of borders,
and, or centers of power.
This work in binary language, is an interactive link .. with the education, every pixel is one square meter of territory,
the 5 continent , the 5 sense, the 5 windows to the knowledge.. East is O , Occident is the 1 ,
but she{it} the Earth is only one, as{like} the hemispheres of our brain.
We all are traveling of one same space ship, the Earth, which surfs between the infinite galaxies, from the weather{times} of the big bang "
gmezza 2005

5 + 5 = 8 Infinito
Education Ministry permanent Mural Chile

WebCam al Mural en el Espacio arquitectónico Ministerio

Bitacora de Navegacion : in the process of being upgraded

Mural 5
+ 5 = 8 Infinito / Cyber e-Spacio digital
GMezza 2005

CyberInstalación Mural ,5 cyberpinturas Digital 5 continents on aluminum plates , alucobon,Internet ,Interactiva, Computer, Server
5 liquid crystal displays , LCD, DVD, Video projection digital,
webcam, Sound installation, sound polyphonic digital or LED neon light

dimensions: 5.00 meters high x 25.00 meters long. Weight: 1.250 kilos
/ photo: M.Kojchen



Master Sponsors:

Ministerio de Educación deChile

Asociacion Chilena De Seguridad